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  • georgesong 6:23 am on July 1, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    worship setlist @ Q – 2011.06.19 (happy father’s day!) … 

    happy father’s day!
    and my first time leading as a proud papa…  and a little secret:  while on stage looking out, my wife and daughter are in the back foyer giving me a private dance/show.  🙂

    worship @ Q – 2011.06.19 recording:

    welcome/opening set:
    – the love of God [key of D] by frederick m. lehman
    – be the centre [key of D] by michael frye

    – faithful Father [key of G -> A] by brian doerksen

    offertory/closing song:
    – forever [key of A] by chris tomlin and jesse reeves

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    worship setlist @ Q – 2011.05.01… 

    am wondering what songs are a blessing to your respective church communities?

    worship @ Q – 2011.05.01 recording:

    welcome/opening set:
    – holy, holy, holy [key of C -> D] by reginald heber and john b. dykes
    – revelation song [key of D -> E] by jennie lee riddle
    – mighty to save [key of A] by ben fielding and reuben morgan

    – Your love is extravagant [key of E] by darrell evans

    offertory/closing song:
    – hosanna (praise is rising) [key of G] by brenton brown and paul baloche

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    worship setlist @ Q – 2011.03.13… 


    worship @ Q – 2011.03.13 recording:

    welcome/opening set:


    offertory/closing song:

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    worship setlist @ Q – 2011.02.06… 

    used to lead worship every sunday for so long and now i’m leading once a month…
    i have to say, once that sunday comes, it definitely makes it that much more special – and this month it also happened to fall on super bowl weekend!
    i find myself wanting to sing less and empower others more to take lead (from the vocalists to even the larger church body)… something so amazing to stand back, sweep across the church congregation and see folks engaged, singing and just plain worshipping!
    great set, great players, great time…

    worship @ Q – 2011.02.06 recording:

    welcome/opening set:
    – hungry (falling on my knees) [key of C] words by kathryn scott
    – how great Thou art [key of G] by stuart k. hine
    – let my words be few [key of G] by beth and matt redman

    – everything [key of G] by tim hughes

    offertory/closing song:
    – everlasting God [key of G] by brenton brown and ken riley

  • georgesong 8:16 am on December 12, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    worship setlist @ Q – 2010.12.05… 

    man, i was SOOOO pumped for this worship set!
    for starts, i love this time of the year… being in the season of advent and also b/c i was scheduled and able to lead a christmas-centric setlist.  😀
    wish i had a couple hours to more songs (maybe next year)!
    i had a few musical tricks to try out for “o come, o come, Emmanuel” and “joy to the world“, and i was also looking forward to jin paying homage to celine dion’s rendition of “o holy night“.

    merry christmas everyone!

    worship @ Q – 2010.12.05 recording:

    welcome/opening set:
    – Jesus generation [key of A] words by reuben morgan
    – Agnus Dei [key of A] by michael w. smith
    – o come, o come, Emmanuel [key of Em] by henry sloane coffin, john mason neale and thomas helmor

    – away in a manger/o holy night [key of B] words by john s.dwight; music by adolphe charles adam

    offertory/closing song:
    – joy to the world [key of Bm] words and music by isaac watts and george frederick handel


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    worship setlist @ Q – 2010.11.14… 

    was meaning to post this after i led back in november, but got sidetracked… oh well, better late than never.

    anyway, this was the first time leading since my daughter was born in august.
    was looking forward to this while being petrified – all at the same time.
    brought out some older worship songs that had ministered to me over the years and am hoping to pass on to my daughter…
    thanks to the team i worked with for rocking the house and being able to lift such a sonic praise to the Lord!

    worship @ Q – 2010.11.14 recording:

    welcome/opening set:
    – open the eyes of my heart [key of E] words by paul baloche
    – be Thou my vision [key of E] by eleanor hull and mary e. byrn
    – mighty to save [key of A] by ben fielding and reuben morgan

    – at the foot of the cross [key of E] by kathryn scott

    offertory/closing song:
    – nothing but the blood [key of A] by matt redman

    • Eugenewhent 7:46 am on April 27, 2017 Permalink | Reply

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      От хорошего здоровья обоих отца с матерью и зачатия и до воспитания в различные фазы развития ребят, болезненные имеющиеся вопросы и важные темы – все это конечно сосредоточено на нашем сайте. Сотрудники нашей фирмы организовывали его для того, чтобы у вас, как у молодых взрослых развеивались колебания по поводу проблематических задач в этаком трудоемком процессе.

      Так как как зачатие, так и рождение несомненно являются чудом природы, над каковым человек так и не завоевал абсолютного контролирования. И если у начинающих родителей малышей, в особенности при первом таком опыте, возникают трудности да и вопросы, тогда это весьма нормально. И являлось бы неестественным не искать решений на свои темы на Веб-просторах. Каким способом хорошо питаться, какие тренировочные комплексы делать, выбор между деятельностью и семьей, как отдать ребенка в сад, чем его кормить и как много разрешать глядеть телевизор – относительно много незначительных и крупных задач поднимаются перед родителями, которые не все легко даются для выполнения.


  • georgesong 9:12 pm on July 23, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    worship setlist @ Q – 2010.07.18… 

    went ol’ skool this past worship leading.
    had to be the lone representative of the “song” clan as it has been getting more challenging moving around w/ the baby…
    no recording of the set yet, but once i get it, i’ll post… “humble King” led by jin was MONEY!
    tim s. on the piano during the first song was seriously SICK.
    and the kids ministry led by pastor katey ROCKED “His banner“… 🙂

    welcome/opening set:


    offertory/closing song:

  • georgesong 10:51 pm on June 30, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    worship setlist @ Q – 2010.06.20… 

    this worship posting took a little longer than i would’ve liked as i tried to do something different… i decided to record the worship on HD vid! hopefully when our daughter’s born she can see her mama + papa for the rockstars they truly are!  just kidding! 😉
    this most recent leading was such an immense blessing… to be leading on my first father’s day as an expecting dad!
    now that i lead once a month, i also had the luxury of having two midweek practices before the sunday we led. it definitely helped getting together midweek to just jam and have a time to hang with this talented group of players.
    am hoping to repeat this before my next time leading.
    and one of the songs that had been on my heart for quite some time was delirious’rain down“… though i feared that this song would seem odd to do in the middle of summer. but seeing as how we live in seattle, when we started this song, no rain… when we finished it was raining outside! how crazy is that?
    and for the optimal viewing experience, change the  “360p” setting to “720p HD“!

    anyway, available now for your listening AND viewing pleasure.

    worship @ Q – 2010.06.20 recording:

    (More …)

  • georgesong 10:22 pm on May 20, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    worship setlist @ Q – 2010.05.16… 

    falling into a monthly rotation here @ Quest, this past sunday was the first to be able to lead my church community alongside my wife + baby… i am blessed!
    for other worship leaders, what does your worship practice look like (mid-week practice, singers v. instrumentalist practice, etc.)?

    if you would like to listen, here’s the rough recording taken straight out from the board:

    worship @ Q – 2010.05.16 recording:

    His blessings + peace…

    welcome/opening set:


    • i surrender all [key of C] by judson w. van deventer & winfield s. weeden

    offertory/closing song:

  • georgesong 1:42 am on April 22, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    worship setlist @ Q – 2010.04.18 [the return of “song”]… 

    well, after finally getting reimbursed by P.E. (for that pizza i paid for during our first church gathering), i stepped down as quest’s worship director/leader (since our church’s inception) back in january of 2009.
    since then, it has been a strange and necessary path i’ve been on this last year and 3 mos.
    though i was sad to walk away from leading worship (leading for the last 16+ years of my life), the flesh part of my nature looked forward to that first sunday AFTER… when i would get to sleep in and not have to awake at the crack of dawn and get to the church and prepare for worship and all the other logistics involved. bottom line: my soul and all was just = tired.
    i was also wanting to be intentional and focus as much of me to my marriage and revel in being a newlywed!
    the first few weeks were AWESOME! coming later on sundays w/ my wife and knowing the weight, the responsibilities were no longer mine (sorry j.Hong 🙂)! i was actually looking forward to anonymity… to be able to be a guest who slips in and out w/o being noticed by others. i felt i had poured out so much of myself for so long, that i was trying to pull up my guard and desperately retain the little i felt i had left… to see if i could re-establish myself apart from my former position and what i was (a fellow ‘g.song‘ wrote a great post similar to this!).
    had pretty wild swings with the highest of highs and some funky bizaare lows. i tried de-constructing what i thought i knew and examine/question everything else i didn’t… and all of this brought me to the conclusion: i know less now than i ever thought before!
    yet, one thing remained constant and i found it being the reassurance i always returned to: God.
    i found myself wrestling and wrestling and hoping to unearth something profound that would unlock everything i had built-up in my mind and answer all of my fears, doubts and questions… but, it hasn’t happened. i’ve come to better accept (in my current season in life), that that’s not how God is choosing to work. and though difficult at times, i am finding myself wanting to know more and draw closer to and simply worship Him alone regardless of all other things. i have nothing to offer back… just me.
    my soon-to-be-born daughter, i hope you can respect your daddy and know that i live to serve God and the family He has blessed me with!

    anyway,  i’ve rambled on long enough…  😉
    i got a chance to work with some of the most gifted and kick-A people (shredder, MJ, rhythm engineer, nit.soh, jin-keys, yo-yo Lav, + won’t u be my “nabor”?), on my return sunday to Q! it wouldn’t have been nearly a blessing to me and a WHOLE LOTTA JOY if it weren’t for their mad skillz!
    though a rough recording taken straight out from the board, here’s a link to the audio:

    worship @ Q – 2010.04.18 recording

    His blessings + peace…

    welcome/opening set:
    – God with us [key of D] by barry graul, bart millard, jim bryson, mike scheuchzer, nathan cochran, & robby shaffer

    – nothing but the blood (hymn) [key of E] by robert lowry

    – silence [key of A] by charlie lowell, dan haseltine, matt odmark & stephen mason

    offertory/closing song:
    – hosanna (praise is rising) [key of G] by brenton brown & paul baloche

    a video for the communion song… an unbelievable song by jars of clay  that haunts me to the core with its honest lyrics + cut you to the core rawness:

    • Leo Chen 7:00 am on April 22, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      so what are you saying? are you back??!! =)

    • randall 3:19 pm on April 22, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      FYI…audio only stays up for 2wks so get ’em while they’re hot!

    • georgesong 8:42 pm on April 22, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      @Leo Chen: back to help out once a month (until the baby is born)… willing to play violin with me again? 😉
      @randall: thanks for the heads-up, i’ve moved the file to my own server!

    • Leo Chen 6:39 pm on April 25, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      hm… maybe it’s time to dust off the strings and start practicing…

    • LK 7:25 am on May 20, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      good to see you up there again, g.song. 🙂

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