1. 1996 taylor 414ce (my main battle axe)
– the above link is to the latest version of this model…
– 1996 was the last year they did satin finish (before switching to gloss finish)
– replaced original tuners for ebonoid buttons
– ichthus fish car emblem (silver) on headstock…
– beautiful sanding finish (courtesy of my pick over the last 14+ years!)

2. 2004 ibanez artcore ag75 – blueburst finish (my backup weapon)
– semihollow. need i say more?!?!
– only $280!
– but the fake pearl inlays are coming unglued! boo!!! 😦

1. ultrasound ag-30 30w acoustic guitar amp
2. crate palomino v16 15w class a tube combo amp

effects, pedals, misc:
line 6 dl-4 delay guitar effects pedal
2. boss ds-1 distortion pedal
3. boss tu-2 chromatic stompbox tuner
4. samson airline ag-1 guitar wireless system

  • one of my bestest and favoritest investment!
  • though i need to replace b/c of the FCC (thx for the reminder anthony)!

5. mogami gold instrument cable angled-straight (25ft.)
6. monster cable rock 1/4″ straight instrument cable (21ft.) – 2Qty
7. kyser quick-change capo 6-string (1 black, 1 red)
8. dunlop trigger curved guitar capo (silver)

  • modifed to a cut capo. sawing, filing for hours… what an ordeal!!! 😦

9. guitar strings:
– acoustic: elixir light polyweb strings
– semi-hollow: elixir super light polyweb strings
10. clayton acetal rounded triangle guitar picks (3 pick sides for the price of 1!!!)

  • 0.50mm for acoustic
  • 0.38mm for semi-hollow


1. shure beta 87a supercardioid condenser mic

  • one bad mofo of a mic! and… i got it slightly used for $99 on ebay! 😀

2. monster cable performer 500 microphone cable (20ft.)

what gear(s) do you use? any recommendations?