worship setlist @ Q – 2010.06.20…

this worship posting took a little longer than i would’ve liked as i tried to do something different… i decided to record the worship on HD vid! hopefully when our daughter’s born she can see her mama + papa for the rockstars they truly are!  just kidding! 😉
this most recent leading was such an immense blessing… to be leading on my first father’s day as an expecting dad!
now that i lead once a month, i also had the luxury of having two midweek practices before the sunday we led. it definitely helped getting together midweek to just jam and have a time to hang with this talented group of players.
am hoping to repeat this before my next time leading.
and one of the songs that had been on my heart for quite some time was delirious’rain down“… though i feared that this song would seem odd to do in the middle of summer. but seeing as how we live in seattle, when we started this song, no rain… when we finished it was raining outside! how crazy is that?
and for the optimal viewing experience, change the  “360p” setting to “720p HD“!

anyway, available now for your listening AND viewing pleasure.

worship @ Q – 2010.06.20 recording:

His blessings + peace…
welcome/opening set:
rain down [key of A] by martin smith & stuart garrard
doxology [key of A] by thomas ken
hosanna [key of E] by brooke fraser


offertory/closing song: