fit body, mind and soul…

with viv’s recent discovery that she has gestational diabetes, we have had to make some necessary changes for her, the baby and our family as a whole.
though we prayed she would pass her glucose test, it did not happen.
then when she was summoned back to the clinic for a 2nd glucose test, we again prayed (and had many loved ones pray too) and again… it did not happen (according to the results, she failed miserably)!
but it’s ok, in our faith journey we believe and continue to trust that God is good.
we are doing what we can to remember all the blessings bestowed upon us, how His unending favors abound… and how can we deny? it’s ever apparent! we believe in a God who is God over our good times just as much as in our difficult times.
while viv is super bummed about not being able to eat all of her “favorites” (=any noodles, pastries, sweets), she’s been a trooper through this and i’m proud of her and can’t wait to tell our daughter how brave and kick-ass her mom is!

along with eating portioned carbs (which is tough for me since i LOVE rice), we are embarking on the “spartacus” exercise regime…
though it would seem by my picture below that i wouldn’t need anymore exercise, i do this because i love my wife and covenanted to journey with her.

can anyone recommend any diabetes-friendly meals?