vivien + george’s first recording/music video…

this has been TOO long in the making!
vivien being a gifted and anointed worship leader for many years at her former church, ecc, and myself leading worship for the last 16+ years at my father’s church and then at quest (though currently on a sabbatical – will be writing more about this shortly)… we’ve always dreamt and talked about recording together.
now with a baby on the way, we felt even more compelled to start (even if it’s as simple as this video).
especially as we are in the midst of “dark friday“, this song rushed back all the wonderful memories vivien + i experienced when we sung this powerful song and how Christ is truly worthy alone to be praised for the sacrifice He made.
praise God from whom all blessings flow… hope you are blessed: 

this recording took us overseas to cassis, southern france, in one of the most beautiful sanctuaries i have ever been in and hope to return someday in the future… but next time, together with our coming baby to re-record for the “songs from song: the greatest hits“. 🙂
as we sat in the quiet of the moment and the sun was setting, i found myself going into auto-pilot and setting up my camera and pointing it at the altar and the next thing you know… we just began to sing this song.
since it was dark in there, i had to keep it pointed on a fixed object (so don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong w/ the video or your computer, it is more a less a static image of the altar).
the acoustics were eerie good and i’m so glad it was captured. 

outside of the small chapel in cassis...

view inside of this empty sanctuary (right before the recording)...