chopsticks can be lethal…

little ji lingchao fighting for his life...

was planning to comment on this story when i first saw it but got sidetracked…
found myself rather drawn to this story for a few reasons:

  • while running around carrying a dessert fork w/ an apple, i slipped and stabbed myself right through my cheek (not that cheek!)  😐
  • my good friend, hun also had a crazy serious accident with a chopstick being lodged into the roof of his mouth.
  • but mostly, seeing little ji lingchao on the bed and knowing the pain this 14-month old (and his poor parents!) had to endure. according to the cnn report:

She (mother) went to a local clinic, but doctors there warned her it was too dangerous to try to remove the chopstick because it may cause massive bleeding. A relative offered to drive them from their small village, hundreds of miles to a hospital in Beijing.
I thought at that time, it is all over, my boy will die,” said his father Li Guanglai. “During the 10 hours of driving I felt depressed. I could barely breathe. I looked at my boy and his right side was numb. He was paralyzed.

10 HOURS?!?!?

what a tough kid!
praise God he’s ok… i’m sure he’ll use a spoon from now on.  😉

after having the chopstick removed...