congrats: jinny + daniel…

had a killer opportunity to shoot a wedding video w/ the creative genius, joseph jang in honolulu, hawaii. we were able to share a beautiful day with jinny + daniel as they tied the knot before their family, friend and God:  january 19, 2010. not a bad time of the year to be in hawaii (considering the uber-warm weather in seattle ;))!
i first met the groom, daniel over 10+ years ago during a praise event in bellevue! crazy to see him all grown up and getting married… i couldn’t be happier for him. he’s truly one of the nicest guys i have EVER met in my life (i think it shows up in the video when you look at his smile).  🙂
i’m amazed at joseph and his mad skillz! he truly has an incredible eye + did a great job of weaving together the story of that magical day. i know that they will look at this video for years to come and be transported back to their special day!
if you need any video-related need, let him know! i promise you WON’T be disappointed.
congrats again to jinny + daniel… may the Lord bless, keep + shine His face upon you two in your marriage journey!

Gears used:
2 Canon 7Ds,
1 slider,
1 Glidecam 4000pro,
1 Tokina 11-16mm f2.8,
1 Canon EF 50mm f1.4,
1 Canon EF 70-200 f2.8,
a few sticks,
and a lot of energy