wasting resources…?

[*this was to be posted last week, but discovered that wordpress + twitter were still being unreachable while in china.]

viv and i got a chance to vist union church this past sunday (an english-speaking church where we attend whenever we’re in hk). it was a good sunday for us to be there. much was heard and digested (spiritually and physically) and still gestating in me (mainly the spiritual things now).
being away from seattle/home and our normal day-to-day routines we’ve sort of lost track of time… we’re no longer looking at clocks, outlook calendars, etc. and it’s weird but equally good for our soul! we find ourselves unsure of the day of the week or even the time of the month. that’s why it was both serendipitous and a bit sad when the welcoming pastor announced a thanksgiving feast/meal after service.
thanksgiving time already?!?!
has that much time passed?
my stomach was like: turkey, cranberries, sweet potato and pumpkin pie… YES!

BUT… it also meant the first time i’d be away from my immediate/extended family for the holidays and our time abroad will be coming to a close soon… 😦
as the service continued, the senior pastor gave the message on mary’s (lazarus’ sister) act of breaking the bottle of nard/using her hair to wipe Jesus’ feet… and judas’ response to this display of worship. just having been in france and seeing the molinard museum and learning more about perfume/nard made the message that much more interesting to me.
i’m sure when judas voiced his concern/criticism to Christ it must’ve sounded legit and perhaps even justified… i mean c’mon… the loss of 300 denarii (if the nard had been sold instead of broken) and the money that could’ve been raised for the poor? almost a year’s worth of wages! the guy could’ve sounded downright saintly!
i’m fearful/concerned because i could’ve easily thought and/or said the same thing… i would’ve rationalized all the good and longer-lasting good that could’ve been done had the bottle been sold. BUT i realize judas as the treasurer had alterior motives behind the sale of the perfume:

john 12:6:he did not say this because he cared about the poor but because he was a thief; as keeper of the money bag, he used to help himself to what was put into it.

(i truly feel bad for judas… seems like his life/life choices were unfair/plain sucked.  :|)
anyway, back to mary and her simple act of reckless abandon. no second thought or guessing… taking such a valuable resource and using it to beautifully worship the Lord.
near the end of his message, the pastor invited up adrian merryman. a former investment banker and ceo of several companies who walked away from a lucrative career in the financial business world to focus on what God had placed on his heart as a young child… to use his resources to help the poor through opportunity international. to hear pastor greg anderson’s message and his interview with adrian, click here.
i’m so encouraged to be hearing of more and more grass-root movements/non-profs (thanks to the internet) being started by everyday folks who feel like they simply have to “do something“. and when i hear this i seemingly convince myself:

when i get to ‘this point’ in life or ‘that point’ then i will do something“.

what the #@%! is wrong with me?!?! why is my heart/head not drop-kicked into action NOW? my inactivity is costing lives! do whatever i can NOW, however i can NOW!
i know i will struggle to continually find balance in my life. do i use my real-world business experience to get a job and make money and then to give charitably out of my earnings or do i work for a non-profit organization (and potentially not make enough for my mortgage) instead? can i find a balance and perhaps do both… and do it well?
i will continue to press on/struggle to be faithful in prayer and faithful in response to what the Lord calls vivien and i to do.

Lord, no matter what… may my life be a reckless and beautiful act of worship to You and of service unto others.