congrats: rosana + mike…

had the privilege of helping joseph with the wedding of these two cool peeps/dentists on 10.10.09…
i have never been to an egyptian/chinese wedding before in my life, but can now cross it off on my ‘bucket list’.
when joseph and i were in the bride’s room as she was getting prepped, i almost dropped my camera when i heard the mother walk in and begin to holler at the top of her lungs… i thought she had either burned her hand on a hot curling iron or something crazy extreme, i mean seriously, i thought someone died!
then, the other women in the room began to join her in the hollering (about 1:00 min into the video) and i was sure hotel security was going to knock down the door any second to see if we were all still alive.

now i know that screaming at times can help relieve tension but i was later told that this was going to be recurring throughout the day as a form of celebration/joy and their culture. cool… good to know and so i don’t further get startled and drop anything.  😉 the whole day/atmosphere was crazy wild and fun! the energy and pure joy you experience when you get the honor of being a part of someone’s special day is simply magical. no other word to describe it (well… perhaps that and the word “stress” at times, but c’mon folks… that’s to be expected!).
plus, they had a killer live band playing + egyptian folkloric dancers. seriously… off the hook!
joseph had raced like a madman to prep the various footage shot for the SDE. another job well done, diggy! and a shout out to the always pro and always kick-A photog of the day: jane lee! while eating dinner, i laughed as i thought of hun’s recent blog entry!
the excitement and happiness is seen so visible on the looks of rosana + mike’s faces! hope you enjoy the highlights as much as i have.

st. james cathedral | seattle, wa
hyatt regency | bellevue, wa
jane lee
chic sound productions