youngest person to attempt solo sailing crashes… on day 1!

from the

Jessica Watson, 16, set sail on Ella’s Pink Ladyfrom Queensland’s Sunshine Coast yesterday morning after more than a year of preparation.

The Sunshine Coast schoolgirl was attempting become the youngest person to sail solo, non-stop and unassisted around the world.

A spokesman for the Australian Maritime Safety Authority said her yacht collided with a bulk carrier shortly before 2.30am, about 15 nautical miles due east of Point Lookout, on North Stradbroke Island.

more than a year of preparation?
and then less than 24 hours into her journey and that close to home, she collides into a bulk carrier?
not sure how big a “bulk carrier” is… maybe it was in stealth mode.  who knows?
will see if more info. is released later describing what happened… maybe it’s common running into bulk carriers.

btw, i saw discovery channel’s swords: life on the line last night, crazy sick what those guys go through!