texting while you drive, do you…?

i’m guilty of this… but am hoping to change my ways.

i learned to keep my hands on the steering wheel at the “10” and “2” position at all times when i took driver’s ed many, many years ago and still do it even to this day. back then, the reality of distractors such as eating and talking/texting on (let alone owning) a cell phone wasn’t even imaginable…
but now? anything goes. though i’ve seen people do some crazy things while driving (reading, putting on makeup, making out even, etc…) i’ll focus on texting/phone usage.
it’s amazing what cell phones + 3G can bring to our fingertips: texts, emails, traffic conditions, 3-d navigation, sports score, google search! inundated with such a wealth of information! though it is useful it can be overwhelming and ultimately distracting.
i used to text quite frequently while driving… even responding to emails! heck, i’m typing this blog entry right now while on i-5! 😉 just kidding.
my loving wife constantly reminds me not to do this, but unfortunately i still slip and occasionally send texts which i have to convince myself (and her) are “important” and deemed necessary to send at that moment.
her response?
give me your phone, i’ll send it. just pay attention and drive!
she’s sneaky smart, that one!  imagine her disappointment when she sees the responses to some of my earlier texts and sees that the nature of those text threads are completely trivial…  :T
most of our calls/texts on our phone are SOOOOOO not important.
i have had a few close calls where i almost rear-ended someone, but have been blessed not to get into any serious accidents. the scary reality of driving a couple of thousand pound vehicle and not being fully attentive to the road and more importantly other drivers/passengers sharing the road with you should be enough to cause us not to do anything that would be a distraction (that and the fact that in washington state we have a law making talking on a cell phone without a headset and texting illegal). and if that’s not enough, there’s this new video that’s causing some controversy due to it’s graphic nature. judge for yourself…

(*WARNING: GRAPHIC – UK PSA On Dangers of Texting While Driving)