welcome home… but please keep praying for n.korea

the look on both euna lee and laura ling says it all:

though i’m grateful that former president bill clinton was able to secure their freedom, my heart aches to think of the countless others who have no champion/advocate to rescue them. where hopes of freedom is non-existent… hope for escape from the abuse and deplorable conditions in the gulag-style prisons is more realized, and often welcomed in death.
and even those who might escape aren’t guaranteed a better life. this was depicted in the movie “crossings“. there are reports of escapees who endure so much more hell once they flee north korea (click here to read more).
though injustice is rampant across the world, this affects me on a deeper level because THEY are my brothers and sisters… my people! my heart aches for those suffering, but i think i ache more because of the lack of conviction and action on my end. my gift/donation to LiNK seems so insignificant.

Lord, it’ll start with prayer.  then let me get off my knees and be moved to action. compelled to shine Your justice…