farewell party + cousins gathering…

hard to believe 2 mos have passed since i last posted anything. i think i’ll resolve to write more and not care how polished my entries are  (not like they were stellar to begin with) since many things have happened. i’ll write out of order and post some things from may and june.
besides, i’d rather capture things when they happen, so i can look back at all the amazing blessings i have been given in my life and give thanks to the One who deserves.

back to this post, though it always seems a logistical challenge to get everyone together, it’s great when the cousins are finally able to gather and share in meal/fellowship. last week we celebrated a few things:

  • my birthday
  • tony’s upcoming birthday
  • esther + jim’s pregnancy
  • tony’s work assignment in new york

and seeing this cousins portrait, i laughted for about a good 5 minutes and as i looked in amazement at how tall jim really was!
as you can see from this picture, he’s so tall that tyler could do nothing else but crawl into a fetal position and look away cause he couldn’t take it anymore.  i don’t blame the little guy…  maybe i should submit this picture to http://awkwardfamilyphotos.com! 🙂

cousins family photo

cousins family photo

anyway, though it happen too infrequently, i enjoy family  get togethers.  looking at how much every one has grown makes me get all nostalgic and wandering down memory lane… (continue on if you want to hear me gush AND to see jim’s face).

it gets repetitive when i ask my cousins seemingly the same questions,

you can drive now?!?!
you graduated already?!?!
you’re dating who?!?!

yeah, yeah… i know they got their driver’s license years ago, i guess i just don’t want to believe it.
then it hits me… ‘we’re getting older‘.  🙂

but it’s ok, how blessed am i that over the years i’ve been able to witness many amazing blessings from God: marriages, children being born, everyone being safe and healthy… and at the same time, seeing tragedies and how the family responds?

i’m looking forward to many, many more wonderful years as we all get to grow old together and have new additions in this family picture!

Lord, help me to give thanks at all times for my family… amen.
(looking good, jim… :))