LiNK’s ‘crossing’ movie screening @ Q cafe… 

am sitting here at the Q cafe and got a chance to meet some of the folks from LiNK (liberty in north korea) as we get ready for tonight’s screening of  “crossings” (attached below).


“does God only live among the wealthy?”
i still remember hearing back in the mid-90s, about the severe famine and extreme conditions in north korea where over a million people died and i was not even really aware or felt a connection to people of my country of origin, korea.  i certainly remember that it was not as big news story as it should have been.  while “millions starved, hundreds of thousands were imprisoned in concentration camps, and tens of thousands crossed borders seeking food, money, protection and even freedom that they never knew existed” i lived and continue to live in my fantasy/bubble world.  the main character in the movie yells out “does God only live among the wealthy?!?”.  the raw power of his question haunts me and makes me feel guilt in my lack of action.
The scary and sad thing is that this continues to go on with little to no concern of the larger world… we are shocked and aghast if we see it on the news station but just as quickly as we see, we seem to distract ourselves with the things of our own little world and move on and forget.  how can i be complicit while these fellow countrypeople of mine in north korea suffer through SO much injustice?
please take the time to view this clip and visit LiNK’s site and if you feel compelled to donate and act (not only for this cause but the countless other causes needing our action, support and our voice).


“does God only live among the wealthy?” (More …)