[UPDATE: 08.26.2008] pastor harvey drake’s son wounded in drive-by shooting… please lift up your prayers…

the latest from the drake family [as of today, 08.27.2008]:
Thank you for lifting us up in prayer.  Terren is a living miracle and is
recovering well.  He’s been out of ICU for several days now and all of
this tubes have been removed.  In fact, he may be going home today or
tomorrow.  It will be 6-8 weeks before he can consider returning to work.

All in all were are extremely grateful.

praise the LORD!


so not cool…  😦
from the ecc’s website:

SEATTLE, WA (August 20, 2008) – Terren Drake, the youngest son of Evangelical Covenant Church pastor Harvey Drake and his wife, Andrea, is recuperating from two gunshot wounds he suffered in a drive-by shooting early Sunday morning.

Terren, 26, was taken out of the intensive care unit at Harborview Medical Center and moved to a main floor on Tuesday night. “It’s very good news,” Harvey said. “He’s recovering well.”

Terren was the passenger in a vehicle that had stopped at a traffic light near Qwest Field around 2:15 a.m. when the shooting occurred. “There had been no words, nothing,” Harvey said. Neither Terren nor the driver knew the assailants.

The driver noticed that the rear window of the other vehicle was down but thought nothing of it because it was a warm evening, Harvey said. “Then all of a sudden bullets were flying.”

The first bullet struck Terren in the hand and a cell phone he was using, causing damage to his jaw and chin. He moved to protect the driver, and the second bullet hit him in the back. A third bullet grazed the driver, who sped to the hospital, Harvey said.

Terren underwent eight hours of surgery to repair his jaw and is expected to undergo another surgery within the next two weeks to replace a bone in his chin, Harvey said.

The second bullet that struck Terren in the back hit a rib before ricocheting into his shoulder, Harvey said. The rib punctured Terren’s lung.

The wounds could have been much worse, Harvey said. Doctors told him that Terren also could have suffered much more serious internal damage if the second bullet had not ricocheted off the rib the way it did.

Harvey is pastor of Emerald City Bible Fellowship, an ECC congregation.

thank you Lord for keeping terren and the others alive and safe!

and what’s going on in seattle? seems like a string of shootings in the last several mos… more so than any other time i can remember in the recent past. and i read an article last week in the seattle p.i. about the increase of gang activity here.

i remember growing up in t-town in the late 80s-90s and being faced with the reality of gang violence everywhere, especially in hilltop, and thinking to myself how crazy it was. knowing people who were in gangs, dealing drugs, in jail and even killed. having to be conscious of where i go and with whom and at what time of the day. but they became 2nd nature to me, i didn’t really think much of it. just did what i had to, to be left alone. but the problem is, you can never be safe enough, random things happen… they say when it’s your time to go, it’s your time to go.

and i really do understand the idea that gangs provide a sense of belonging for those who are in it… but the propensity towards violence and a destructive lifestyle is virtually inescapable. and there will be casualties…

everything old is new again“… “things are always cyclical“… i never thought wide legged jeans would come back in fashion, and can’t believe tapered jeans are coming back. i will definitely draw the line when stone-washed jeans are big again. but all these things, i can live with. gang violence? random acts of cruelty? kids exerting their power/control via fear? no thanks… i can live without.

Lord, please be with terren and his recovery. may Your peace reign on this city (and everywhere else)… may we be the agent of Your peace.