working hard? hardly working?…

now you can work, sleep, work and sleep, etc…  🙂
if you’re wondering what to get viv and i for our wedding (ok, you got me. she wants this more than i do! :)), or my early Christmas gift:

The Future of Telecommuting... is almost here!

The Future of Telecommuting... is almost here!

now, several years back, i had experimented with a similar setup which allowed me to lay on the floor and have my laptop propped over my head with a chair. then, i used a wireless keyboard and mouse placed over  my belly. it was awesome!
in other words = pure genius…

but later, i would discover *two things which would cause me to cease using this method:
1. i kept falling asleep in the middle of doing my work, and
2. it was a hassle setting this up.

so i asked my friend, roy (who’s an architect) if he could help me design something so i could work while laying down. and he AGREED that he could help me… by saying:
do one or the other, either sleep on your bed or work at a table. don’t do both!

man… i should’ve listened.  😦
ok, i know i said *two things caused me to stop using this method, but i haven’t been completely honest.  there was a VERY important and somewhat embarrassing *third reason that left me with an indelible impression (mentally and physically!).

so after roy refused to help, i decided one night to put a chair over my torso while laying in bed. next, i propped my then sony vaio 17″ laptop (which weighed about 7+lbs) and begin to relax while doing some work. sure enough… my love for sleep got the best of me and i realized that i needed to stop working and go to bed.

still in a half daze, i closed my laptop and began to lift the chair up over my body to place it on the floor next to me… then all of a sudden there was this quick white flash and then i felt something wet in my right eye. instinctively, i touched the wetness and looked at my finger and was confused to see blood. what the heck just happened? who just punched me?!?!  all this was then replaced by what seemed like a distant pain at first, then escalating to full-blown throbbing!

so, what happened? when i lifted the chair up off of my body i forgot to take the laptop off! so, i ended up angling the chair to a perfect 45 degree so my 7+lbs sony laptop became a fast projectile and slid straight for my head! i’m SO blessed that it missed my eyes + my glasses, and instead hit my right eyebrow, splitting me open! after feeling like an idiot, my first thought?
man, roy’s gonna say, ‘i told you so!’“…  😉

anyway, w/ technology always improving and getting smaller/more lightweight… i need not worry about falling gargantuan laptops aimed at my head w/ this friggin’ awesome chair! now i will return to doing shoddy work as i am in a half-coma like status versus doing what my body needs me to do = sleep!