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  • georgesong 7:34 am on July 31, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    worship setlist @ Q – 2008.07.27… 

    was cool to have jess hong co-lead worship. an amazing person, with a heart that loves the Lord!
    we are blessed to have her be on staff at Quest.
    this sunday was a precursor as she gets ready to lead this coming sunday…

    welcome/opening set:
    – come, now is the time to worship [key of D] by brian doerksen
    – amazed [key of D] by jared anderson
    – better is one day [key of E] by matt redman


    • intimate Stranger [key of D] by martin smith

    offertory/closing song:

    • pass me not, o gentle Saviour [key of G] words by fanny crosby & music by w. howard doane
  • georgesong 2:50 am on July 22, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    working hard? hardly working?… 

    now you can work, sleep, work and sleep, etc…  🙂
    if you’re wondering what to get viv and i for our wedding (ok, you got me. she wants this more than i do! :)), or my early Christmas gift:

    The Future of Telecommuting... is almost here!

    The Future of Telecommuting... is almost here!

    now, several years back, i had experimented with a similar setup which allowed me to lay on the floor and have my laptop propped over my head with a chair. then, i used a wireless keyboard and mouse placed over  my belly. it was awesome!
    in other words = pure genius…

    but later, i would discover *two things which would cause me to cease using this method:
    1. i kept falling asleep in the middle of doing my work, and
    2. it was a hassle setting this up.

    so i asked my friend, roy (who’s an architect) if he could help me design something so i could work while laying down. and he AGREED that he could help me… by saying:
    do one or the other, either sleep on your bed or work at a table. don’t do both!

    man… i should’ve listened.  😦
    (More …)

    • david 7:02 am on July 22, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      how much does this thing cost? it reminds me of a hospital bed- maybe you should just get one of those so you could also hook up an iv/catheter, and then you’d NEVER have to even move!

    • Leah 11:15 pm on July 26, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      if you want to think about how really creepy technology can be…read this short story from 1909 and wonder why we’re letting the internet take over our lives…

    • georgesong 4:46 am on July 27, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      david: can you help me pick up a hospital bed up from uw and configure it?
      leah: don’t have time to read the whole link, if you can summarize and give me a book report by first thing monday morning. thanks. 😉

  • georgesong 2:16 am on July 22, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    worship setlist @ Q – 2008.07.20… 

    back to leading. it had been a couple of weeks. it was nice being on a break and nice to return.
    knowing that it was going to be a scorcher on that sunday, i decided to have katey and grace take lead on most of the songs. it was a blessing to have them lead the church w/ their voice. they sounded awesome. seriously… awesome!

    i had someone come up after service and say:
    man, worship sounded so good today… not sure what it was…”
    was it because of katey’s and grace’s voice?” i asked.
    THAT’S IT! and plus you weren’t singing much!” they shot back.

    but, it’s true. i am so blessed and encouraged when i get to come alongside not only singers like these two, but the entire band that is gifted and using their gifts to honor God. gives me such joy to be able to do this…

    welcome/opening set:
    – fairest Lord Jesus [key of C -> D] by h. a. hoffman von fallersleben & joseph august seiss
    – the love of God [key of D] by frederick m. lehman
    – be the centre [key of D] by michael frye


    • Jesus, Lover of my soul (it’s all about You) [key of E] by paul oakley

    offertory/closing song:

    • hungry (falling on my knees) [key of C] by kathryn scott
  • georgesong 1:29 am on July 17, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    worship setlist @ Q – 2008.07.13… 

    worship this past sunday was led again by jin.
    i ended up running sound + ppt for both morning services. good times… i enjoy being behind the scenes like that.

    welcome/opening set:
    – agnus Dei [key of A] by michael w. smith
    – in Christ alone [key of E] by keith getty & stuart townend
    – sing to the King [key of E] by bill james foote, jr. & charles silvester horne


    • intimate Stranger [key of D] by martin smith

    offertory/closing song:

    • open the eyes of my heart [key of E] by brenton brown & paul baloche
  • georgesong 1:07 am on July 12, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    iPhone 2.0 craze… wth? 

    First Guy w/ iPhone 2.0

    First Guy w/ iPhone 2.0

    this is a bit much…

    don’t get me wrong, i think apple hit it out of the park w/ the design + usability of this phone. seriously, in terms of UI, i think it’s the best of all the phones that are out right now. the zoom in/out (multi-touch), internal tilt sensor… it ROCKS.

    but only one year later for the 2nd version of the iPhone and it lacks so many desirable features best summed up in this gizmodo picture:

    what iPhone 2.0 is lacking

    what iPhone 2.0 is lacking

    * btw, that guy w/ the iPhone bag is not me…
    ** now, if sprint released the iPhone, i might have to eat my own words and get it.  😉

  • georgesong 12:21 am on July 12, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    worship setlist @ Q – 2008.07.06… 

    this is a little late being posted…
    anyway, worship this past sunday was led by jin on vox + guitar.
    very stripped down set.
    eunice soh on vox + piano while i was on the drumset again providing rhythm…
    though there were was only three of us, it sounded surprisingly full and warm.

    * funny story, since it was just jin, eunice and i, someone had gone up to eunice and asked her if we were all related. 😉

    welcome/opening set:
    – amazing grace [key of G] by john newton & john p. rees
    – how great is our God [key of C] by chris tomlin, ed cash, & jesse reeves
    – change my heart, o God [key of C] by eddie espinosa, jr.


    • resting place [key of E] by daphne radmaker

    offertory/closing song:

    • praise to the Lord [key of F#] by bob fitts
  • georgesong 6:55 am on July 2, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    worship setlist @ Q – 2008.06.29… [praise + prayer centric] 

    had a great service this past sunday. mixed it up a bit… had our praise + prayer service.
    wanted to be more intentional and create a contemplative/meditative feel to the service by the worship songs that we chose and the flow of it from songs to prayers to the elements.
    looking over the setlist, i didn’t realize we did SO many songs… but it was nice.
    (* i have a funny story about “how deep the Father’s love for us” and how i had to be cued by grace because i kept messing up the time signature, if you buy me coffee @ Q Cafe i’ll tell you about this!)

    anyway, i think we helped create the space for people to just enter into a time of intimacy and a place of prayer… i know it was good for my soul and hopefully the church as well.
    i shared during a time of praying for healing… that my personal request is for more patience and understanding and to have the joy of the Lord as my strength.

    your continual prayers that i would learn how to extend God’s joy, peace, patience, grace and love to all would rock!

    welcome/opening set:
    – meet with me [key of A] by lamont heibert

    praise + prayer portion:

    • create in me a clean heart, o God [key of G] by keith green

    – the wonderful cross [key of D] by isaac watts
    – You are my King (amazing love) [key of D] by billy james foote
    – all who are thirsty [key of G] by glenn robertson & brenton brown
    – the valley song [key of C] by aaron sands, charlie lowell, dan haseltine & matt odmark

    • nothing but the blood [key of A] by beth & matt redman
    • it’s all about You, Jesus [key of E] by paul oakley


    • how deep the Father’s love for us [key of E] by stuart townend

    offertory/closing song:

    • i will offer up my life [key of D] by matt redman
    • kate 11:06 pm on July 11, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      one of my favorite services yet. thanks for all the work you do, george.

    • georgesong 1:09 am on July 12, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      kate: thanks for the words of encouragement… can’t tell you how much it means to hear! 😉

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