worship setlist @ Q – 2008.03.30 [baptism]…

worship was led by jin this past sunday.
also helping out was katey.
great to have her back! 🙂

seems like we had a lot going on the past few sundays (with praise+worship+prayer-centric/palm sunday and last week being easter/resurrection sunday) at quest and this sunday was no different. we had another reason to celebrate b/c we got to witness and participate in the baptism of several members of our church.

there’s something so powerful about witnessing a baptism. to imagine that Jesus and john the baptist had engaged in the the very same act.
and though each baptism was meaninful, i especially connected with amanda l.
to hear her story of why she wanted to be baptized was probably the story many can relate to. of knowing about Jesus, but not really knowing Him on a personal level.
when her mom shared a few words and started crying, it triggered a tidal wave of tears. i was not immuned to this…
and on lighter-note, hearing torger’s son, fynn share was TOO funny! kids truly do say the darndest thing! 😉

it was a blessing to see God take the ill-prepared, poorly-trained and broken-hearted members of our team that morning, and turn it into something that could only be explained as glorious. i am SO grateful God is greater than us. He ROCKS.

* and a side note: while on the drums… for the first time, i got a blister from playing.
does that make me a hardcore kick-A drummer or a sucky one that doesn’t know how to properly hold a stick? remains to be seen…

welcome/opening set:

  • mighty to save [key of D] by ben fielding and reuben morgan
  • sing to the King [key of E] by billy james foote & charles silvester horne

– nothing but the blood (hymn) [key of E] by robert lowry


  • eagle’s wings [key of A] by reuben morgan
offertory/closing song:

  • nothing but the blood [key of A] by beth and matt redman