spu worship: “reconciled: a gospel symphony…”

Seattle Pacific University’s acclaimed Gospel Choir and Wind Symphony present Reconciled, a rousing concert blending two American genres into a soul-stirring new sound.
Showcasing the premiere of “Reconciled: A Gospel Oratorio” by award-winning Seattle composer Gerry Jon Marsh. The work was commissioned by SPU’s Center for Worship.

Directed by Stephen Michael Newby and Gerry Jon Marsh.”

after worship @ Q, i had the opportunity to go watch/be a part/and to be led in worship with spu’s ‘reconciled‘ symphony… what a treat!
as the above banner states: “an entirely new sound that stirs the soul”… i would have to agree.
the clashing and cohesiveness between the different styles/delivery of music was incredible. a spiritually stimulating experience on so many levels… hearing the sound of the symphony get in tune, to the funk of rhythm section/band and their infection groove, to the female opera singer, stephen michael newby’s rich and full voice and the 100+ choir. 

and it was performed at seattle first presbyterian church in downtown. the sanctuary in there was quite magnificent. the various scripture passages on the inside walls of the church was very cool.

big kudos to andy carson who killed it on the trumpet!