Seoul’s historic gate destroyed…

[UPDATE|02.11.2008 @ 04.57pm (PST)]: south korea arrests man in landmark fire…

wow, was on hun’s site and saw these photos…


at first, i thought it was his incredible skills in photoshop.
but after going to the article in cnn and reading:

A fire has destroyed Namdaemun, South Korea’s oldest wooden structure and a national treasure, fire officials said Monday.
Authorities are investigating the cause of the fire, which started around 9 p.m. Sunday and burned for hours.
More than a hundred firefighters poured water on the more-than-600-year-old structure, trying to save it.

The gate has stood at the center of Seoul, having served as the main entry point into the capital centuries ago, and is considered a national symbol to Koreans around the world.

President-elect Lee Myung-bak visited the scene and deplored the landmark’s destruction.
“People’s hearts will ache,” he told officials, The Associated Press reported.

The gate was closed to the public for nearly a century before being reopened in 2006 after a renovation, according to AP.


i was there the past two years and was humbled and amazed at the richness of the korean culture… ‘my‘ culture. 
and to lose such an important landmark like this is immeasurable.

i am deeply saddened by the permanency of this loss…  😦