welcome, lil’ ian park… KEEP FIGHTING!

ian park 

my cousin sung tae and his wife, sara welcomed into this world their first child, ian park…

now, let me go back a bit.  my life seems filled with many people who have kid(s), others who are expecting, and those trying to have kids.  kids convey such a sense of hope, innocence, goodness (not all the time, i know!).  there’s a couple at our church who recently had a scare and they thought they were going to have to deliver 5+ mos. into the pregnancy.  praise God, the baby is okay, safe and still inside.  mom’s doing good too!

back to my cousin and his wife.  saw them over the thanksgiving holiday and several of cousins were trying to guess the expected birth weight for ian when he would arrive next year.  i guessed 7lb. 6oz.

then, just like that… got a call from my cousin telling me i was way off of the real birth weight.  he told me ian was here in the world, and tipped the scale at 1lb, 3 oz. 

1lb, 3oz?!?!

 CRAP.  my heart dropped into my stomach.  😦

i was in shock staring at him in his incubator.  don’t think i’ve ever really seen a premature baby up close and in person.  he’s so tiny.  it was actually quite incredible.  being able to see his fingers, fingernails, the veins with IVs in him… kinda surreal.   :\

anyway, this is my newest nephew, ian.  kid is TALL!  takes after his dad!  🙂  after some natural water weight loss, he’s tipping the scale now at a lean and mean 1lb. 1oz.  but we know it’s all good.  he’ll get stronger and grow bigger. 

he has quite a battle ahead of him.  but there’s fight in him.  the medical staff at evergreen hospital in kirkland are awesome.  mother is ok and recovering.  we are all praying for God’s hands to be upon his little body.  allowing him to develop, to be a healthy, normal, baby boy!

your prayers would be appreciated…