Really? Jackie? I look like Jackie?

= ???

i am still a little upset, shocked, confused, saddened and everything in between…
why you ask? let me explain what took place between me and a new security guard at my work place yesterday:

front desk security guard: ‘hey, you know who you look like?
me: ‘nope…
(hoping beyond hope he wouldn’t say a random asian public celebrity, especially a martial artist – considering i don’t know any martial arts! but sadly… knowing it would be a martial artist!!! :T).

front desk security guard: ‘you look just like jackie chan!!! has anyone told you that? that you look like jackie chan?
sternly without smiling, i respond: ‘nope. just you.’

man… wtf? jackie chan? are you for real, man?
why? cause i have yellow skin? black hair? slanted eyes?
an inappropriate/ignorant comment? yeah…
feel sorry for the security guard? yeah…

OR… instead, maybe i should be flattered?
after all, he is a successful asian public figure.
and he is a renowned singer too… the guy does it all!

on a related note… last year, while flying to little rock, arkansas, for a consulting project, another similar interaction occurred.
(i know, i know… how could that possibly be?!?! surely things like this don’t happen in this day and age, right george? say it ain’t so! wish it were the case boys and girls.)
so, this stewardess is staring at me as she was coming down the aisle serving beverages.
did she want my digits? did i have something on my face? what?
here’s what ensues:

stewardess: ‘OMIGOSH! has anyone told you that you look JUST like the guy from ‘heroes’?
(for a split-second, i contemplated squinting my eyes really hard/shaking my head to mimic hiro nakumura, when he stops time. but… i refrained.)
me: ‘nope. i’ll take a ging…
stewardess: ‘i mean, you look JUST like that asian guy!
me: ‘wow… thank you, i guess. ummm… like i said i’ll take a ginger…
stewardess: ‘my husband tivos it for me when i’m flying and we watch it together. i just LOVE the show! don’t you?
lying, i say: ‘i’ve actually never seen the show. now could i get my ginger ale, please?
(stewardess finally snapping out of her gaze, begins pouring my ginger ale…)
as the stewardess prepares to continue down the aisle, she turns around, smiles, and winks/whispers : ‘but don’t worry! you’re not as chubby as he is!


maybe i should have raised my hands and yelled ‘ya-taa!’? 🙂


  • timely post, as our church, Quest, is in the midst of our ‘faith and race‘ classes… check it out if you can. good stuff.